Bale Breaker - Bottomcutter (IPA)

Bale Breaker - Homegrown #5 (IPA)

Bale Breaker - Hazy L (Hazy)

Bale Breaker - Hop Country (Session IPA)

Bauman's - Guava Grapefruit (Cider)

Bauman's - Loganberry (Cider)

Barrier - Deadly Combination Motueka and Citra (IPA)

Barrier - Deadly Combination Vic Secret and  Mosaic (IPA)

Beachwood - Amalgamator (IPA)

Beachwood - Citraholic (IPA)

Block 15 - Love Potion #9 (Stout)

Blossom Barn - Cherry Perry (Cider)

Blossom Barn - Front Porch Perry (Cider)

Brothers Cascadia - Crazy 88 (Asian Lager)

Boneyard - Hop Venom (DIPA)

BoochCraft - Apple Jasmine (Hard Kombucha)

BoochCraft - Grapefruit Hibiscus (Hard Kombucha)

Chuckanut - Pilsner Lager

Chuckanut - Kolsch

Ciderboys - Strawberry Magic (Cider)

Coldfire - Cumulous Tropicalus (IPA)

Company Values - Overcoming (Smoothie Sour)

Ecliptic - Vega #10 (Hazy)

El Segundo - Broken Skull (IPA)

Equilibrium - Fractal Lab (NEIPA)

Evil Twin - Molotov Cocktail (TIPA)

Ex Novo - Farm League (IPA)

Faction - Spring IPA

Finn River - Blackberry Currant (Cider)

Finn River - Oak and Apple (Cider)

Foreland - Alpina Pils (Pilsner)

Foreland - Radial Patterns (IPA)

Fort George - Suicide Squeeze (IPA)

Grains of Wrath - Dive Bar Lager

Grains of Wrath - Crypt Keeper (IPA)

Great Divide - Yeti (Stout)

Humble Forager - Mysterious Ravine V1 (Fruited Sour IPA)

Logsdon/Heater Allen - Verbinden  (Berlinerweisse)

Mast Landing - Anorak (Stout)

Masthead - Single Origin (Coffee Stout)

Masthead - Superior Wit (Witbier)

Matchless - All The Single Hops (IPA)

Perenial - Abraxas (Stout)

Perenial - La Cosecha (Sour)

Pfriem - Hazy IPA

Pizza Port - Chronic Amber (Amber)

Ruse - German Style Pilsner

Single Hill - Adams Pilsner

Stickmen - Beviamo! Italian Style Pilsner

Stoup - Vibe Check (IPA)

Ten Towers - Gravitas (Dry Cider)

Ten Towers - Shakti (Chai Cider)

Ten Towers - Soulless Pear (Cider)

Terminal Gravity - Tap Out (Strong Ale)

Threes Brewing - Logical Conclusion (Hazy)

Threes Brewing - Kicking and Screaming (FoederPilsner)

Tumalo - Dry Cider

Untitled Art - Prickly Pear and Pink Guava (Hard Seltzer)

Untitled Art - Pineapple and Mango (Seltzer)

Untitled Art - Strawberry and Kiwi (Hard Seltzer)

Untitled Art - Chocolate Raspberry Stout

Untitle Art - Hopped Watermelon Lime (Gose)

Varietal - Sup Cuz (Hazy)

Varietal - Quiet American (Lager)

Wander - This Must Be The Place (NEDIPA)

Wayfinder - Hell (Helles Lager)

Wayfinder - CZ AF (Pilsner)

Weldwerks - Outforgiving Your Enemies (NEDIPA)